Specialized Service for Health Care Clients

For more than 30 years, EGC has provided exceptional service to the medical industry by helping medical clients complete their project on time and on budget. EGC has designed and constructed more than 1 million square feet within health care facilities, including more than 1,000 health care modality installations.

What we do

Our clients and imaging vendors trust us to complete projects on time and on budget. We take on the tasks of outlining a design, estimates for subcontractors and materials, and additional next steps for our clients.

Our process

EGC is committed to building successful projects for clients. EGC will conduct an audit of a client’s needs and establish an integrated team of a project manager, architects and estimators to address every aspect of a project. The team will then collaborate with imaging vendors to establish a work timeline complete with progress benchmarks and a cost estimate.

Our strategy

We are committed to timeliness and collaboration with our health care clients and imaging equipment manufacturers. By developing the equipment rigging plans, work timeline, project benchmarks and cost estimates, we create a smooth construction and equipment installation process for our partners and clients.

  • Planning and Estimating Budgets

    • Develop Design Scheme for Equipment
    • Scope of Work to Client
    • Estimate to Client (Schedule of Values)
    • Construction Schedules
  • Modalities

    • MRI
    • CT
    • Nuclear
    • Hybrid Labs
    • X-Ray
    • Linear Accelerator
  • Turnkey Through Vendor

    EGC provides turnkey packages to facilities that want one-stop shopping for their projects.

  • Working in Health Care Facilities

    Our workers are very familiar with the requirements of working in a health care facility.

    • Isolated construction zones (negative air)
    • Working in ICRA & ILSM controlled
    • OSHA 30 and ASHE qualified workers