Achieving ZERO

EGC instills a culture focused on safety and striving for zero incidents. We believe nothing we do is worth getting hurt, and every injury can be prevented. Assessments, rigging plans of attack and behavior observation systems are implemented to sustain this culture and to ensure our craftworkers return home each day as they arrived at the worksite. 

Our philosophy

We believe that all safety incidents are behavior based and should have been avoided. We focus on training our employees on the behaviors and skills that eliminate incidents. EGC is proudly ISNetworld, PICS, and Avetta certified.

Our people

More than 70 EGC employees are OSHA 30-hour trained, along with advanced training for job-specific job safety analyses and specialty tasks.

Our process

EGC has implemented safety systems that our associates and contractors follow while working on a project to sustain our safety-focused culture.

  • Pre-Project Planning

    EGC utilizes the Pre Project Planning Safety Assessment (PPPSA) on all major projects. Our goal is to create a safe work plan before any craft employee even arrives onsite. Planning safety into all aspects of our work is a key component in EGC’s safety culture. Identifying potential safety issues on the front end gives our project teams the time to plan and manage hazards before they create delays and work stoppages.

  • Equipment Inspections

    EGC requires all personnel working on our project sites to complete daily equipment inspections prior to the start of work. This process is required for all heavy equipment, including forklifts, aerial lifts, skid steer loaders and excavators.

  • Safety Task Analysis

    EGC’s commitment to zero injuries starts with our craftworkers. Identifying hazards in the workplace is a daily requirement for all employees. Our Safety Task Assessment (STA) form is completed on a per-shift basis by every work crew on every site. Taking the time to complete a daily hazard analysis gives our workers an opportunity to share input and concerns. The ultimate goal of the STA process is to ensure that our workers are not exposed to hazards in the workplace.

  • Behavior Observation System

    Our people are our most valuable asset. With this in mind, EGC recognizes that our craftworkers are regular people who experience all kinds of different situations on a daily basis. Our Behavior Observation System (BOS) is an auditing system we utilize to ensure our workers are focused on the task at hand. From frustration to loss of focus, there are many reasons workers can become distracted. Identifying these triggers and mitigating these hazards is an important part of our safety management system.

For Assistance With Safety, Contact:

Andy Baldhoff, Corporate Safety Director
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