Reduce Time, Stabilize Costs

EGC offers full-service planning, scheduling and cost control for a wide range of capital projects, including electrical, piping and steel fabrication. EGC‘s direct hire staff strives for zero HSE incidents, zero production interruption and on-time project completion.

Work we do

At EGC, quality is built into everything we do. We operate to perform the right work the first time – every time. When working within an existing infrastructure, we will move and set equipment with minimal intrusion to ongoing operations.

Our process

EGC moves and sets equipment with great care and attention to detail. We coordinate efforts with ongoing operations and our own team to develop a plan that minimizes dis-assembly and protects the equipment. We promise our clients that if the equipment works today, it will work tomorrow.

Our strategy

EGC offers valuable services to our clients, such as cost management, schedule management and detailed planning. By offering daily labor reporting, weekly cost reviews, and real-time commitments on all subcontractors and purchases, we keep our projects on time and on budget. When preparing our action plan, we define construction logistics and process isolation, equipment splits for minimum touches, and rigging and skidding requirements.

  • Skilled Trades

    The benefits of using EGC’s in-house team of highly skilled craftspeople

    Flexible staffing opportunities based on your needs

    You don’t need to worry about hiring “extra” people, workers’ comp insurance or other issues. We handle everything for you.

    One point of contact for everyday issues and emergency response

    When changes are needed, you need to talk through an issue, or an emergency happens, you have one point of contact.

    One set of goals and expectations

    Our direct hire staff are all on the same page, which eliminates conflicting interests and priorities.

  • Industries Served

    Industries Served

    Consumer Products





  • Contract Services

    Single Source Responsibility Works to Your Advantage

    When you contract EGC, you have a single source of responsibility for every detail—from material planning to ordering and site cleanup. We ensure project delivery, including skilled labor.

    Training is the key to the success of EGC contract services. EGC handles all training and certification required to work within our operation to ensure the safe and secure operation of your facility.

    With this service, you will receive:

    • Project budgets
    • Project safety and security
    • All regulatory requirements
  • Expedited Delivery

    EGC accommodates expedited projects. With our scheduling capability, management experience and skilled direct hire craft, we offer flexible, responsive and complete solutions to our clients’ challenges.

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