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Amylin Pharmaceutical Plant

EGC is working as the general trades contractor for Parsons, which is the construction manager for a new manufacturing plant for pharmaceutical grade product. Construction in place includes a 280,000-gross-square-foot manufacturing facility. This building is built to the high tolerances of the United States Food and Drug Administration and includes class 100 pharmaceutical-grade clean areas. A second 280,000-gross-square-foot building houses administrative functions and material handling and warehousing for the products. EGC began work on the project from its initiation and maintains a full-time managerial presence at the jobsite. Our work is ongoing and includes construction related to architectural divisions (walls, ceilings, finishes, fixtures, glazing, doors and hardware, and specialty items) and structural work (steel structure, equipment supports and mezzanines) The pace of construction is expedited with extra work shifts and seven days per week scheduled activity. Design of various systems and areas is being done as construction proceeds, which involves managing the project to not affect work in place.