EGC Construction Achieves Safety Milestone: Zero Injury Culture Results in Four Million Effort Hours Without an Incident

EGC Construction (EGC) is proud to announce that the company has achieved the safety milestone of four million effort hours without any time lost due to injury—an accomplishment earned through the dedication of every employee.


A company of constructors that values each other and their business partners, EGC is committed to creating and maintaining a Zero Injury culture. The company’s expectation for every project is to achieve zero injuries, incidents or accidents every day because “it’s the right thing to do.” All totaled, it has been more than 11 years since the last lost-time incident occurred.


“EGC’s success is driven by the people who work here,” said EGC President Jim Brunemann. “It’s their dedicated commitment to our clients and to each other that makes us who we are. By emphasizing the importance of looking out for one another like a family, the safe practices we teach become second nature and everyone gets to go home safe and healthy every day.”


To accomplish this feat, the company strives to have 100% of its craftforce complete an OSHA 30-hour safety course within their first 90 days of employment. All employees, from craft professionals to project managers, also have access to continuing education in class and online. Additionally, subcontractors play an important role in completing Safety Task Assessments and identifying potential hazards.


“All EGC employees have a voice,” explained Corporate Safety Director Andy Baldhoff. “All job tasks are assessed and reviewed, and all employees have the authority to stop work if they see anything unsafe. The work will not resume until all employees are satisfied with how the issue is resolved.”


EGC, based in Newport, Kentucky, was acquired by Messer Construction Co., headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2019.


“This is an inspiring milestone because safety is a core value for Messer,” said Messer CEO Tim Steigerwald. “Congratulations to our EGC employees for championing our Zero Injury culture and for putting the safety of each other above all else while completing high-quality work.”


As EGC stays busy with a backlog of projects for its industrial, commercial and health care clients, the company will continue to track effort hours.


“We have a companywide expectation that we will grow these hours,” said Baldhoff. “We’ve had an average of 147 employees working close to 300,000 hours a year for the last 11 years to reach this mark. We are not finished. We will do our best never to have another lost time injury.”