Again, we remain impressed with both the quality of EGC’s work and its personnel. Bob & Nancy Nelson

With each precise cut and every perfectly-matched stain our dream came to life. We watched with excitement as the project proceeded on schedule and within our budget. Michael and Jan Mullin

EGC is very customer-oriented. They willingly met with us at our convenience to work through the design choices to make this our house. They spoke to any questions/concerns we had and kept us involved in every step of construction. We never felt we were in their way, and we know we have a well-built house. Marlene and Tina Beimesch

This is the best move I have ever made! Marie Kreutzjans, Rosemary Lukowsky, and Ruth Morton

My concept was new. To my knowledge, no one had built a home like it. ECG listened to me, gathered my ideas into a plan and made it work. Now I have the home I want, at a very fair price. Marie Kreutzjans

The floor plan works so well that I felt more comfortable in my new home the day I moved in than the home I had lived in for some thirty years. I would not change a thing with it. Ruth Morton

EGC has been honest, reliable and attentive since we first asked about Kearney Court. They were a pleasure to work with and consistently addressed every question or concern we had. We trust EGC and believe we have the best home built.

Richard and Nancy Roeding