Environmental and Energy Services

The Lead Firm on Environmental Projects

EGC provides value-added service for planning, design and installation phases of environmental systems including water & waste treatment, physical/chemical systems for food, chemical, paper, apparel/laundry, agricultural, and finishing industries. Our team is also experienced in alternative energy projects involving biogas capture and conversion.

Our in-house ability to bring a project to completion on-time or ahead of schedule, while value-engineering the process, has provided direct value in helping our clients limit their cost for treatment.


We help clients identify best-value solutions for their environmental issues related to water and waste treatment or biogas generation. Once our client's process is thoroughly defined and characterized, our team creates a value-oriented, turn-key solution with the most cost-effective package of equipment, chemistry and construction delivered in the quickest most reliable timeframe possible.


Identifying the right treatment solution is a complex and inherently challenging process. Factors such as flow, volume, pooling areas, combined sewage, and production variations, create a wide range of discharge variables. EGC will bring our team of experts to your project and deliver a single-source, best value solution, specifically designed to bring you into compliance as soon as possible.