EGC Construction Project Case Study: INFINITI of Coral Gables


On December 26, 2016, INFINITI of Coral Gables, South Florida's premiere INFINITI dealership opened its 75,000-square-foot dealership, one of the largest and most luxurious INFINITI dealership in North America. The property owner hired EGC to complete this extremely complex, expedited project.  EGC has built four dealerships for the owner, located in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky; Burlington, Massachusetts; Cleveland, Ohio and Coral Gables, Florida.

A premiere location was chosen for this luxurious dealership. The 2701 S. Le June Road building is not just office space, it is home to the import, sales and marketing arm of one of the world’s leading wine and spirits producers, Bacardi U.S.A. Their vision for Infiniti of Coral Gables was realized despite major hurdles, such as an urban environment, no surface parking lots and lack of street access. To successfully accommodate a world-class auto dealership, the project required extraordinary teamwork, creativity and expertise. 

Project Objectives

  • Introduce INFINITI as South Florida’s most luxurious dealership 
  • Meet INFINITI brand expectations 
  • Comply with complex city building regulations 
  • Complete project as quickly as possible to avoid inconvenience to other building tenants
  • Create an engaging customer experience and journey

Project Challenges

Due to the building’s urban location and current utilization for business offices, rebuilding the area to accommodate a full-service dealership and service center presented many challenges.

  • Project completed on first and second floor of an iconic, upscale, corporate headquarter office building
  • Low building heights
  • Complex city building reviews, permits and schedules
  • Project specific customer journey from arrival to departure
  • Intricate project with many stakeholders involved 


Because of the complexity of this project, EGC took a transparent approach to every aspect of the process. They implemented weekly meetings with the client to discuss real-time project completion and to forecast the cost and projected work still to be completed. This constant communication ensured that everyone was on the same page and had aligned expectations. Additionally, EGC knew that they had to be flexible and able to adapt as new challenges could continue to appear. This transparency and adaptability proved to be the main reason for a successful completion of the dealership.


The Coral Gables INFINITI dealership marks the entry of the property owner into the state of Florida. The dealership is the result of multi-million-dollar investment and will provide 70 new jobs to the Miami area. 

EGC Successfully:

  • Modified the building structure to support auto equipment and cars moving through the space
  • Met complex city building regulations
  • Completed construction without impeding other building tenants
  • Created a luxurious and engaging customer experience 

The dealership features a modern, luxurious interior with a cascading waterfall, complimentary high-speed wifi, meeting rooms for customer use, a plush lounge, a deluxe children’s lounge area, a nail bar offering customers complimentary services, a café and coffee bar.

Stephen Scoville, manager for the INFINITI Retail Environment Design Initiative (IREDI) Program, complimented the team, led by EGC Construction, for its success and quality. “This was a very good project, especially with all of the challenges that we experienced,” Scoville said. “We are very happy with the result.”