Lean Construction

EGC works with owners to achieve many goals, including design and construction of buildings that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and/or energy-efficient. Our team is experienced in pursuing LEED Certification or simply applying our knowledge to reduce the cost of building operation and maintenance.

Creative “building solutions” are what set EGC apart from the industry. By accepting the client’s needs as our own, we can focus on how to truly define a project. Once we have a thorough definition of the project, our knowledge of how buildings function, as well as how they are built, provides us a considerable wealth of ideas from which we can draw to deliver projects better, faster and less expensive. Lean Construction is a method of project delivery that incorporates principles of creating value and eliminating waste by focusing all tasks on achieving the owner’s desires. Our role as professional designers, builders and craftsmen, is to continuously improve our service to our customer. We utilize the tools of this program to improve our service and achieve quicker project delivery at lower total cost.