Design Build

Integrated Design/Build: We focus on performance -- you receive excellent results!

Design/build is a process that focuses on meeting the client's performance needs rather than minimum design standards. By integrating planning and design and construction responsibilities, EGC can share technical details and ideas generated during the planning and design phases with construction personnel – and implement them with much greater efficiency. As an EGC client, you benefit from our design/build capabilities in the follow ways:

A more cost-effective project

  • Reduced installation costs by at least 6.1% (US Corps of Engineers)
  • Reduced "cost growth" (change orders) by more than half!*

Earlier completion dates

  • Overall project delivery speed (design and construction) is twice that of traditional design - bid - build!
  • Construction speed alone is increased by 77% over traditional design - bid -build!*

No bid day surprises

  • You know the price earlier in the process.

Better operational quality - Startup, operations & maintenance*

  • The process focuses on the end result and from the start, the project is built from the understanding of the client's vision

Reduced administrative burden

  • With EGC, you get one contact for the entire project versus multiple separate entities spread throughout.

Improved return on investment

  • Overall less cost, fewer changes, quicker completion dates, and better quality

(*Construction Industry Institute - Project Delivery Systems, Research Summary 133-1, December 1997).

EGC employs architects directly, rather than trying to assemble separate vendors. This means all personnel work for the client only, eliminating interferences or distractions.

It is our goal to understand the purpose of a project when creating a solution for you. This has proven very helpful in creating successful results for our clients, especially those who do not frequently work on construction projects.

Because design/build processes usually proceed up to twice as fast as the bid method, you end up spending much less money and time managing the project. If the facility being built is used for revenue generating activities, this means you’ll earn revenue on your project weeks and even months faster when choosing EGC as your design/build firm.

One of the most appreciated benefits of using the design/build process is obtaining the final price quicker. With the bid process, owners spend up to 12 to 15% of the cost of the project before knowing the cost of construction. With design/build, owners know the cost of design and construction at the start of the process, not halfway through.

Edwards Deming identified eliminating the traditional “lowest price” bid procurement method because it is out-dated, guarantees poor service, and results in lower than expected quality. Our industry refers to it as selecting the bidder with the biggest mistake!

EGC is a professional management firm that specializes in construction services. The benefits of design/build are numerous for many clients. Call EGC to find out how it can benefit you.