Methodologies and Principles

EGC’s Guiding Principles: Put the Client First

From the most complex construction projects to the coziest kitchens, EGC performs them all with the same guiding principles, which include:

Accepting our client’s needs as our own

We encourage all our employees to understand that the work we do is a direct result of a client needing it done. If not for our clients’ needs, then we don’t have the work. With this focus on meeting client needs, EGC has successfully completed many projects where clients professed to anxiety at the start.

Be a good listener and don’t "prescribe" until we "diagnose"

One of the many things we have learned during our 30-years in business is that we first must understand the entire project, including purpose, desired budget, schedule and end-result, before pursuing a plan. By listening as well as asking questions, we’ve been able to help clients achieve greater success on their projects than they’ve ever considered possible.

Do the work right the first time

"Measure twice, cut once," "Haste makes waste," and many other similar statements define the tried and true nature of working smart. EGC strives to have all work done with zero defects. We constantly update our quality processes to provide our clients with better results, both financially and operationally.

Do what we say we are going to do, if not more

Our client define our success. Construction projects always include unforeseeable issues and risk is an inherent part of the process. Given these issues, it is important for us to communicate honestly and proactively. To say the opposite of what our client wants to hear can be a challenge; however addressing potential issues with the owner’s team before they affect the schedule or budget is an important part of our role.

Things change, always look for new ideas, innovations, barriers; Be proactive

Buildings and how they’re constructed continually evolve as people’s – and our culture’s -- needs change. As part of our local US Green Building Council, EGC has learned a great deal about the concept of sustainability. Using the LEED system, we can help our clients evaluate options and make the best decisions for the overall performance of their project.

"We don’t know what we don’t know"

Within this statement is our guiding principle: we want to remember that our client has different perspectives and knowledge than we do. Keeping this thought in mind is important in determining how and what we should communicate. To "build" is a process based upon communicating your vision to craftsmen (and women) who “assemble” a custom product.

Communication, therefore, is critical to completing a project efficiently. EGC recognizes this and has invested significant time and resources to help all parties of a construction project transfer information and ensure accurate, complete delivery of your vision.

Your success is important to us. We would like to work with you and make your project successful.